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Technology moves faster than the blink of an eye these days, with each recent product purchase becoming obsolete mere months after it hits the shelves. The result? An electronic waste crisis, created by millions of used computers and mobile devices improperly disposed of into landfills. Electronic waste, or e-waste, dumped by the nation’s consumers adds… Read more »

Today’s technology offers a great deal of convenience, but it’s also capable of taking quite an environmental toll through increased electrical consumption, greenhouse gases, and electronic waste. How does one upgrade responsibly? Install long-lasting, easily recyclable, energy-efficient appliances capable of reducing your monthly utility bills. How much are my kitchen appliances really costing me? For the… Read more »

Don’t let your business contribute to a growing global crisis. Electronic waste, or e-waste, is rapidly taking its toll on the environment and the population. How can your business handle e-waste responsibly? Become aware of commercial e-waste disposal and recycling regulations. Commercial e-waste disposal laws vary from state to state, and are often more stringent… Read more »

Geeks everywhere rejoice. July 13 is “Embrace Your Geekness Day,” a day that allows geeks to show off their knowledge of video games and technology.  The word “geek,” as defined by Merriam Webster, is “an enthusiast or expert in a technological field or activity.” To celebrate “Embrace Your Geekness Day,” Mr. Electric has five old… Read more »

Photo by: Rebecca Pollard via Several debates continue to surround the idea of how video games affect childhood development. On one side, they have a reputation for causing violence and obesity in children, and on another, they prove to be very educational and encourage exercise. Because video games are so prominent in children’s lives,… Read more »

Photo courtesy of Out with the old and in with the new should never end with your used electronics in a landfill. A growing concern across the globe, electronic waste, or e-waste, is rapidly creating a crisis. Only 11-14 percent of electronic waste in the United States ready for disposal is actually recycled or reused, while… Read more »

The availability of cheap electronic goods combined with our ever-advancing world of technology are rapidly creating a worldwide crisis. E-waste, or electronic waste, resulting from consumers improperly disposing of old equipment without a second glance, is taking its toll not only on the environment, but on the population as well. Photo courtesy of What… Read more »

The baseball season has started, NASCAR has revved up for the summer and football is right around the corner. All these sports, at one time, could only be enjoyed during the day. Mr. Electric®, a company committed to powering tomorrow, looked at how electricity and lights changed sports forever. Football Every year the Mansfield Seminary… Read more »